Monday, December 07, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year -- Not

It's 9 degrees out with a wind chill of -6. I'm not sure I consider that to be the most wonderful time of the year. This morning my power went out just as I was about to step into the shower. I decided to pack up my stuff and head to our church, where I knew I could catch a hot shower. It wasn't until after I got to the church, got my stuff unpacked, and got ready to step in, that I realized there was no water. The pipes were frozen. I moved on to plan C and ended up at my in-laws house for a quick hair and makeup job (it was getting late by now). When I reached work, it was about 42 degrees below 0 in my office. I turned on my space heater and promptly blew the circuit breaker. I reset the breaker and tried again. Same result. Again. Same result. Apparently, neither being clean or warm were in the plan for me today. Most wonderful time of the year--yeah, whatever.


Vanessa said...

Isn't this cold just awful?? At least you were able to go car won't start. I asked Allen what he would think about clearing a space in the garage for my car and he laughed at me. He doesn't need all those tools! haha! Hopefully it will warm up soon, I'm not liking this cold at all. Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Currently in CS, it is 3 degrees w/chill factor making it minus 17! We had a 2-hr delayed start today, but the broadcast team had to be here anyway, due to a taping in the studio w/out-of-town guests! So much for the "gift" of a late start! Bah-humbug;-(
Merry Christmas,Cari!
Blessings...PD in CO

Kelly H-Y said...

Wind chill is brutal, isn't it?! I hope your day ends with a long, hot, relaxing shower!! :-)


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