Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Enough is Enough

Today, I had enough. Enough flab around my mid-section, enough "shrinking" jeans, and absolutely enough feeling guilty just because I might want to eat a bowl or two (or five) of chocolate ice cream. I came to the resolute decision that strength training is what I need. That's right...time to get rid of the winter flab and replace it with some toned muscle mass. I already know that cardio workouts are sort of hard, to do pilates you actually have to lie on the floor, and running on the treadmill makes you sweaty. Gross. I'm not sure if the results have more to do with the chocolate ice cream or the fact that the time spent on my exercise endeavors are spotty at best.

Anyhoo, today, the epiphany came to me. Resistance bands. They must be the answer. I went to Walmart on my lunch hour and left with the Gold's Gym Resistance Band Workout Pack. That has to be good right? Everyone knows that only really buff people go to Gold's Gym. My assumptions were confirmed when I brought them home after work and popped in the included workout DVD. Yep. That lady was definitely buff. I watched the workout from the couch while I ate dinner. (You have to ease into these things so you know what you're getting into.)

After I ate, I changed into some appropriate workout clothes, because if there's one thing I've learned over the years its that the choice of clothes is very important to the workout experience. I decided maybe rather than start the 40 minute workout included on the DVD, maybe I should get comfortable with some of the basic exercises which were demonstrated on a foldout pamphlet also included in the package. I figured I'd start with those and then try the full workout tomorrow night. Good plan.

I picked up one of the bands to give it a try and suddenly remembered that the buff lady on the DVD did a little stretching routine before she started. Hmmm, I better stretch before I start. I threw the band back down and began contort my body this way and that, when BAM! Searing pain in my shoulder blade. I pulled a muscle. Stretching. Enough is enough. Exercise is over...back to something safe like computers--and chocolate ice cream.


Vanessa said...

Ohh I have some of those resistance things. I haven't used them at all, but I've watched the buff woman on the dvd. haha!

Did you know that Driving for 1 hour burns about 150-160 calories?
Talking on the phone for 1 hour burns about 80 calories?
Playing cards for 1 hour burns about 115-120 calories?
Reading for an hour burns about 80 calories.
Shopping for an hour burns about 180 calories.
Ten hours of sleep burns about 700 calories.

So the way I see it, if we all drove and talked on our phones more, shop a whole lot more, and sleep more, we would all burn more calories! haha! I wonder if that applies to internet shopping?

Cari Johnson said...

Hmm, sleeping, eating, and shopping...now that sounds like my kind of workout!

Kelly H-Y said...

You are too funny, Cari. Got a kick out of this post. Hope the shoulder is feeling better.


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