Saturday, June 19, 2010

This Won't Hurt A Bit

Recently a friend of mine took something called the Ghost Chili Challenge at a local Sushi restaurant. The Ghost Chili, who's real name is Bhut Jolokia, has been named the world's hottest pepper. At Oishii Sushi, Sandpoint's hottest, and I think only, Sushi bar, they have some crazy challenge that if you eat a ginormous sushi roll made with Ghost Chili in 20 minutes or less, you receive a T-shirt and some sort of monetary  compensation that I'm sure isn't worth the pain. At any rate, my friend, I'll call him Cody (cause that's his name), decided to take this challenge. Thanks to wonder of YouTube, last night, I actually got to view his attempt even though it happened back in December.

So they bring out the roll and Cody starts in. He's very calm, cool, and collected as he methodically begins eating the pieces. He doesn't break so much as a sweat, let alone admit the peppers are even hot. Even if the thing was killing him, he was determined not to let it show.  Slowly, one by one he eats away at the pieces. He didn't complete the challenge, but swears it's due to the fact that he was too full because he had already eaten a full dinner before the challenge and not because the peppers were too hot. 

He was cool as a cucumber and if it weren't for the other people at the table who tried the Ghost Chili roll flailing about and carrying on, you'd have never known the thing was even the slightest bit spicy. The other's looked like they were dying, but Cody didn't bat an eye at the whole thing. Here's the kicker, though. He had to call in sick to work the next day because he describes what followed the challenge as, "The worst night of my life." He got hit by the aftermath of the Ghost Chili. Sickness and pain wracked his body and he suffered through the night with things that he didn't describe to me and I definitely didn't ask about.

I thought it was pretty hysterical, but it reminded me of something not quite so funny. We often have the same experience with sin that Cody had with the Ghost Chili. We act nonchalant, like it's no big deal. It doesn't hurt. We don't feel any negative consequences. We're cool and we can handle it. At least that's what we think at first. But then, later, the effects of what we've done start to kick in. They always do. We beg and plead for mercy from God, but even if he's gracious enough to grant it, the damage has been done. We have no choice but to face the consequences. Sin always comes at a price. You may  think you have the sin in your life under control. You're wrong. You may be sure God's not concerned with what you're doing or that it's too small of a thing for him to notice. Don't be so sure. You will have to deal with the aftermath of your sin.

So, if there's something you're harboring that you need to get rid of, do it today! Throw off that sin that so easily entangles you, and if someone offers you a sushi roll made with Ghost Chilies, I'd suggest you run the other way.

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