Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All In The Family

We're having a family reunion this week--The Pastor's family, not mine--so don't get all excited if you're reading this and you didn't get an invitation.  We were originally expecting between 40-60 people for this reunion and because of my propensity for worry, I started in early.  The Pastor informed me that I was freaking out way too early. 

He told me that several people were unable to make it, so the guest list had dropped to only about 30-35 people.  He told me there was nothing to worry about and that we could throw together a spaghetti dinner one night and a BBQ the next day for 30 people with no problem whatsoever.  He will deny this, but his exact words were, "Don't worry. There's nothing to do."  He promised that while I worked this week, he would get things around the house ready.  I believed him. 

So yesterday while I was at work, he spent the day working around the house to prepare for the reunion.  When I came through the door last night, he was eager to show me all he had accomplished.  He told me to follow him outside and led me to...the pig pen.  Yes, my husband is a pig farmer.  We have six pigs, which according to him are some of the most beautiful ones he's ever seen.  The pigs have a pen and a shelter nestled down in the trees near the bottom of our property. 

Anyway, he leads me to the pigpen to show me his achievements.  "Ta-Da!" He's so proud of his work.  He has spread extra straw for the pigs, he has sprinkled some lime around so the pigs won't seem so stinky. (notice, I didn't say they wouldn't be stinky, they just won't seem stinky), and for the grand finale he has painted the pig house to match the paint (including trim color) on our house.  Yay Honey.  I couldn't be more excited.  We have a zillion people coming for dinner and I was so worried that the pig house wouldn't match our house....

 P.S.  The Pastor is a good sport and I warned him that there was no way I couldn't blog about this very true story. But in all fairness, today he's at Costco buying food and working around the house (the people house, that is) to get things ready.  Thanks, Sweetie!

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Kelly H-Y said...

Thank goodness I wasn't drinking anything when you wrote, "I was so worried the pig house wouldn't match our house" ... hilarious!!! I can just imagine the look on your face!


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