Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning.  It's no secret that, although I'm not a coffee snob, I love my daily dose of java. It's my custom every night before I go to bed to load up my coffee pot and set the timer so the coffee is brewing at the same time or a little before my alarm clock is jolting me out of bed.

Because we now have Jack in the house, my first order of business is to jump out of bed and take him outside to take care of his business.  This morning, as I stood on the front porch patiently waiting (by the way, it was freezing!) I realized that I hadn't smelled the coffee as I passed through the kitchen on my way out the door. I scolded myself for forgetting to push the "brew later" button on the coffee maker, which I occasionally do.  The coffee is sitting there, ready to make, but doesn't actually brew.

However, when I came back in the house, I looked across the great-room to the kitchen and the lights were on on the coffee maker, but the pot was empty.  Again, I gave myself a lecture--I must have forgotten to put the water in. Yeesh.  I can't remember ever doing that before, but forty is knocking on my door and maybe these sort of things just start to happen.

I turned off the pot, cooled down the carafe so it didn't crack from the dry heat, and added the water to the pot, happy that I was finally making progress on this coffee thing.  Then, just for good measure, I looked under the lid to make sure the filter hadn't folded over or done anything weird.  I wasn't taking any more chances.  Time was passing and coffee wasn't happening.  It's a good thing I checked because...

I hadn't put any coffee grounds in either.   Here's to a happy Tuesday to everyone.  Hope your morning cup o' joe was easier to achieve than mine was!

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