Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sticks & Stones...Mostly Stones

My son loves to throw.  He's 8 and I can clearly remember him pitching and throwing balls before he could walk.  He would crawl down the hallway "herding" as many balls as he could control.  Then he'd sit down at one end and throw them all down to the other end.  After that he would crawl down, retrieve the balls, and do it again. Since then, he's been in trouble, just about continuously, for throwing things.  Anything he gets in his hands, he has to throw.

This weekend we were at the lake, and obviously, one of his favorite things to do is to throw rocks into the water.  He swam for just a few minutes, then began with the rock throwing.  Over and over and over.  I thought his arm must be ready to fall off and I was getting bored watching this.  I figured he must be wearing down, so we began to have throwing contests.

I flippantly found a suitable rock.  He threw first.  Sploosh. Nice job, but watch this.  I threw next.  Mine landed a good 10-15 yards closer in than his.  The competitor in me (if you've ever met her, she's not always pretty), selected another rock...much more carefully this time.  I reasoned that the rocks weren't the same size, so they didn't fly the same.  We threw again.  I lost again.  Okay, this was getting serious.  Game on, Boy.   The selection of my rocks became more precise but the outcome remained unchanged.

We threw and threw and he beat me repeatedly.  Finally I got one that landed about 2 inches farther out than his.  I decided to quit while I was ahead, but he goaded me into "just one more throw".  I gave in...and lost again. I'm not sure what happened to my little baby throwing balls in the hallway or my throwing arm, but I seem to have lost them both.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Double Trouble

Sometimes, double is good. Double coupon day, double chocolate chip cookies, and double cheeseburgers. But other times, double is a bad thing. The book of James says, "...but when he asks, he must not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord. He is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does." Ouch. James is talking about asking for wisdom here, but I think the principle applies to anything we ask God for.

Tonight I caught myself being double-minded and the Holy Spirit called me on it big time. I was folding sheets and talking with God. I asked him for something that didn't exactly have earth-shattering effects, but would really be helpful and important to me. You know, those types of very practical requests we make of that the check we're expecting shows up in the mail before we have to pay the next bill or that we'd be able to get that sticky lock open.

So I'm matching corners on the sheets and talking with the Lord about this request. But, before I even finished my petition, I turned my thoughts to what I would do if and when it wasn't answered the way I asked. I instantly began to build my contingency plan. I caught myself mid-thought, or rather, as I said before, the Holy Spirit caught me. I was asking God to solve a problem for me and trying to solve it myself in the same breath. Oops. Double-minded. Unstable in all I do. Yikes. I quickly had to ask for forgiveness.

Give some thought to the requests you make of God. Do you ask and then immediately try to solve on your own? Remember, being double-jointed could possibly be a good thing, double-minded, not so much.


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