Saturday, September 25, 2010


If your life is anything like mine, you have a myriad of things to do each day and several hats to wear.  Usually the choice of which one wins depends on what's most important or, more likely, most urgent.  

Today I attended the American Christian Writers Conference in Spokane, WA.  I enjoyed a selfish day of what some would describe as frivolous.  I dealt with hyperbole, homonyms, and onomatopoeia.  I discussed submissions, queries, and proposals.  I contemplated words and sentence structure.  The Pastor about passes out having to discuss or even think about these subjects, but for me it was a day of pure fun.

Every day I'm a mom.  I'm a pastor's wife.  I'm an Information Technology Manager, a daughter, and a sister.  But today, while The Pastor was at a men's retreat and our son was with a friend, I got the rare opportunity to be something else I love... a writer.

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Kelly H-Y said...

Sounds wonderful ... glad you got that opportunity!


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