Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Dichotomy of Politics and Baseball

I noticed an interesting and very scary thing this past week.  It started during game 4 of the World Series between the San Fransisco Giants and the Texas Rangers.  During the seventh inning stretch, a beautiful young woman stood up and belted out "God Bless America."  I believe I heard that she was the wife of one of our troops.  She was fantastic and, I thought, better than some of the professionals who sang on other nights.  (If you know who she was or the full story, please enlighten me!)  The thought struck me that even as messed up as our society is, we still publicly sing God Bless America.  I wonder how many people stop and consider what it really means to ask God to bless America.

Then on November 1st, I was taking a final look at the Idaho State Voter's Guide in preparation for casting my vote the next day.  As I looked through the list of issues that the candidates either supported or opposed, I was surprised to see "Protect the right of legislative chaplains to pray according to their convictions, including 'In Jesus' Name'".

How sad!  A few nights before we were singing God Bless America and yet our political candidates are required to declare if they support or oppose allowing Americans to pray in Jesus' name.  It doesn't matter which party you voted for yesterday, like Nehemiah who not only wept, but also repented on behalf of the sins of Israel (Nehemiah 1), if we desire God's forgiveness and blessing on our country, we have some serious repenting to do.  Let's get to it and rebuild the wall.

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