Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Trouble With Blogging

 The trouble with blogging is that it's getting hard.  First of all blogs are becoming more sophisticated.  When they first started, a blog was a "web-log".  It was basically a journal--a place for someone to spit out random thoughts and ideas or a share events from daily life, much like I do here.  But over time, blogs have become serious sources of information.  We look to them for how-to info, for news, entertainment, and read them like newspaper columns.  It's getting more and more difficult to have a "blog about nothing".

Secondly, for me, Facebook is killing my blog.  It's far too easy to hop on FB and post a status update with a few words, rather than think it through and turn it into a full blog post.  Micro-blogging, (FB and Twitter) take the creative juices and drain them right out of me.  If I spend too much time on Facebook, I'm left with nothin'.

The last problem is knowledge.  They say knowledge is power, but sometimes it leaves me feeling powerless.  Over my few years of blogging, I've read various information on how to write and build a better blog.  Therein lies the problem.  Possibly it's the same for you.  You start out with a hobby that's actually, well... fun.  Then you begin to learn about it and find out all the things you didn't know.  You realize just how wrong you've been doing it.  Then you're faced with the difficult choice to either continue on in the error of your ways (but having a good time) or change your ways and conform, with all the pleasure sucked out of it.  You can no longer naively go about your business because you've been told what you should be doing. 

Are you a blogger, a writer, a hobbyist of any sort?  Help me answer this question....do you only follow the rules or do you let your free spirit rule?  When you play golf, do you throw an extra ball down and take a mulligan or dutifully count the strokes and take your drop?  I'm beginning to think I need to take the mulligans...or I'm missing the whole point.


Mindy said...

You are SO right about FB killing the blogging if you aren't careful.

With blogging, I only follow the rules I make for myself. We are not blogging for money or for a company, so the rules don't really have to apply to us.

I read a few "How to Blog blogs" and for everyone who makes a rule, there are a few who break the rules and still succeed.

Find out what the Lord wants you to say and who the Lord wants you to speak through, and I say you are following the rules.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cari Johnson said...

Amen and well said, Mindy! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Kelly H-Y said...

Yes ... what Mindy said! :-)
Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Cari!


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