Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Longing For Simplicity

Pinch me--I must be dreaming.  The Pastor has decided he might like to get an iPad.  Following his lead when I decided I might like to get a gun, there's a large part of me that doesn't want to let the grass grow before we run down to the store and make this purchase. But there's another part of me that hesitates.

Maybe it's the imminent pressure of the holiday season or maybe it's just that overwhelming desire to maintain control of life, but lately, I've had a longing for simplicity. There's a battle surrounding all the junk in my life. I've described my technological dilemma before, but let me review.  While I firmly believe that technology, gadgets, the internet, and smartphones serve more to complicate our lives than help them, I remain hopelessly and unabashedly, a gadget lover.

My favorite childhood Christmas memories are of getting something, anything electronic.  When I was little, it was my Frogger watch.  You could actually tell time on it and play Frogger.  How cool is that? (although my teacher made me take it off in class after once forgetting to turn the sound off and thereby revealing that I was playing it.)  As I got older it was various stereos, mini-TV's, Walkmans, video games, etc..  I like to deny it, but I have a proven track record of being a technology junkie.

iPods, netbooks, smartphones, laptops--as I mature (ha), I have to stop and ask myself if I really need them.  Are they enhancing my life or just dividing my attention?  Do they help me organize or just exacerbate my ADD?  These are serious questions that must be given an answer.  I believe I'll think about it and make a decision...right after we buy that iPad.


Vanessa said...

I'll trade you all the gadgets for the simple life of "Little House on the Prairie"...I mean mountains. ha!

Cari Johnson said...

You mean, hauling water? Hmmmm, sorry...I'm not interested in THAT simple. :-)


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