Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Yes, We Have No Bananas

I think eating chocolate covered bananas must be a sin.   It's the only reasonable explanation why God is doing everything he needs to, to keep me from eating them.

Three weeks ago, I took my son to Disneyland.  My parents went with us and we had a wonderful time.  One of the afternoons we were there, my mom and cousins had gone off to do something else, so my son, my dad, and I were left to ourselves.  We had about 30 minutes until we were going to meet back up with them for dinner.

Strange things happen at Disneyland and I temporarily forgot my own mothering skills and rules for my son about not spoiling dinner.  Realizing that my own mom had left me unsupervised with my dad, we decided to buy chocolate covered bananas.  They were heavenly!  Dad and I vowed we would come home and master making them ourselves.  I mean, it's a banana with hard can it be?

Attempt #1
I didn't have any sticks to "stab" my bananas with, so I decided that bite sized pieces would work just as well for my test.  I peeled the bananas and cut them into said bite sized pieces.  I put them in the freezer.  So far so good. See?  I knew this would be easy.

After the bananas were frozen, I melted chocolate chips in a bowl in the microwave.  Still going well.  Once the chips were melted, I decided I'd throw the bananas in the bowl and mix them up to coat them with the chocolate.  Then I'd fish them out, sprinkle them with nuts and let them harden.

Here's where things went south.  The frozen bananas immediately cooled the chocolate, which turned to a huge bowl of sludge and didn't "coat" anything.  The more I stirred, the gloppier it got and the bananas turned to mush in the process.  I threw the whole bowl full of mush and glop into the sink.  Hmmm, apparently this is harder than it looks.

Attempt #2
I called my dad and related my banana woes to him.  He told me he had also tried, but he went the easy route and bought a bottle of Magic Shell self-hardening chocolate, froze the bananas, then poured the Magic Shell on.  Worked like a charm, he claimed.

Undaunted to try to create a real dipped banana, I forged on.  Only this time, I got smarter(er) and looked online for frozen banana recipes.  Just about unanimously, they said to melt the chips in a glass bowl suspended over a simmering pan of water.

I rounded up some shish kabob sticks I found in my pantry, skewered the bananas and froze them.  This time, I melted the chips in a bowl over boiling water, as recommended.  Oh yeah!  This was going well.  I actually got one banana dipped in the chocolate. However, I made a small mistake.  My pan of water was more like a roaring boil than a simmer and apparently if you overheat chocolate, it begins to cook and harden.  Again, I ended up with a bowl of glop.  Dang.

Attempt #3
Finally deciding that my dad really might now what he was talking about, I purchased some Magic Shell at the grocery store on my lunch hour.  One problem.  the high temperature that day was about 12 degrees and when I got home and tried to use the Magic Shell which had been in the car since lunch, it was one completely full, completely hardened, solid bottle of chocolate.  I didn't want any stinkin' frozen bananas anyway.

Final Attempt
I read the Magic Shell bottle and found that you can "thaw" it out after it hardens by running it under hot water for awhile.  (I also happened to read that one serving is 210 calories!  So much for low calorie tasty snack--but that's a post for another day).  Anyway, I thawed it out, poured it on my frozen bananas and rolled them in chopped peanuts.  The results were amazing!  They came out perfect and tasted fantastic! (They better, for 210 calories per serving--no wonder God didn't want me to have one).

Dang.  I hate it when my dad is right and I'm wrong.  I'm almost 40 and Father still knows best. 

Thanks, Dad!


Anonymous said...

Okay, sitting at my computer laughing out loud. Your account of the banana "saga" us both creative and hysterical! Kudos to "Dad!" :-)

Anonymous said...

Not only are there 210 calories in a serving of the magic shell, but did you notice the fat content?... a whopping 16 grams of FAT in 2 Tbls. And I dare say, daughter that it took more than that to cover your banana. You probably had at least 30 FAT grams in that delectable, sinful dessert....Not so HEALTHY! Sorry!!! Better stick with you skinny vanilla lattes.

Cari Johnson said...

Gee, thanks for that clarification. I feel so much better now! Dad says I should have only covered half the banana and had 105 calories. He's probably right again! Dang.

Kelly H-Y said...

Hilarious! I'm just so very impressed that you kept trying! :-)


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