Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I feel an F word coming on.  It's uncharacteristic and I'm not sure what's come over me, but nonetheless, I feel it.  I've tried to hide my true emotion, but it's coming down to the wire and I just don't think I can hold it back any longer.  Lest your opinion of me be falling, I want to make it clear that The Pastor is not innocent in all this.  He's been egging me on.  He's been teasing me, hiding things from me, and texting my friends behind my back.  I pretty much blame him for the whole thing.

I've tried to deny my situation, but it doesn't seem to go away.  Instead it feels like a time bomb ticking deep inside of me.  I truly want to take the high road (actually, I'd like to take any road out of town) but I'm left with no choice.  I've heard of other people in my predicament trying to mask the reality of the situation.  They try to make it better with words like Fabulous or Sporty, but so far, that isn't helping me one bit.  I guess there's nothing I can do but attempt to come to terms with my problems.  Yep...there's definitely an F word coming.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY 40th! It's really not so bad! You wear your years well;-)
PD in CO

Kelly said...

Hmmmm ... could it be FORTY?! :-) I'm only guessing that because you and I are the same age, and it just happened to me ... I know, brilliant, right?! :-) Though I don't feel or look any different, I haven't quite come to terms with this particular number myself ... it doesn't seem possible! Hope you have a fun one!

Vanessa said...

I wonder if it could be because of all those signs down the road??
Happy Birthday anyway, I hope you had a nice big cup of coffee and a huge slice of yummy cake!

Cari Johnson said...

Ha..I figured you just might notice those signs, Vanessa!

PD...thank you, you're too kind!

Kelly, you are one quick cookie. Happy F day to you, too. Hope you had a great day. I have no choice but to come to terms with my fortiness. :-)


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