Saturday, May 07, 2011

Black Skies, Black Moods, and Blackouts

Rain. It seems like that's the only weather forecast I've heard lately.  "Partly rainy with a chance of rain."  "Mostly rainy with a constant drizzle."  "Completely rainy with a 100 % chance of morning, mid-day, and afternoon showers."  And so it goes.  The skies have been dark, stormy and black, and recently my mood has followed along.  Getting a convertible for your birthday is just slightly less fun when the first sunshine predicted is for the third week in July.

Besides being gray and cloudy, life has been unbelievably busy.  Does your life seems to go in spurts where things are manageable and then somehow, slowly, like the frog in the boiling water, it gets so crazy that you feel as if you're flying by the seat of your pants and barely hanging on?  Mine does.  The past four weeks, I've been hanging on by the skin of my teeth. 

But, in the middle of my chaos, it amazes me how God gently reminds me that he is in control of my situation.  Yesterday, I was attending the second day of a two-day class in Spokane.  The class was great, but  I was dog tired and worrying about my house, where laundry was piling up, bathrooms were getting excessively scummy, and you could grow potatoes in my carpet.  Even if I did have a couple hours to spend at home, I was so tired, I knew getting to bed was the only thing I would realistically accomplish.

I returned to class after a fantastic lunch at HuHot, a trendy Mongolian Grill, and was settling back into learning report writing and data manipulation, when....BAM.  The room went pitch black. I soon found out that the entire building, and a large surrounding area had gone black.  They canceled class and sent me to the one place I was longing for more than any other--home.

God knew just what I needed.  I was rapidly approaching overload and he took out a city block's worth of power to give me the opportunity to go home for a nap and some house cleaning.  What an awesome God we serve, who knows our every need!

Now, if he could just help me whip up a roast to go with those potatoes...

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Kelly H-Y said...

So very true! Great post, Cari!


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