Thursday, August 04, 2011

Drying Time

My clothes dryer works about the same as my blogging skills of late--not good.  I keep waiting for the darn thing to die so I have an excuse to get one of the new, fancy ones like all my friends have.  Last summer, I was sure I had my chance.  The dryer stopped.  No warning, no sounds, no half warm elements...just wouldn't turn on.  With my vast dryer experience, I excitedly could tell this was a big problem.  The even bigger problem (for me) was that my dad was visiting when this fortuitous event occurred and being the handy guy he is, he and The Pastor quickly diagnosed and fixed it. Dang.  

My particular issue tonight actually had a lot more to do with me than the dryer.  I've been crazy busy and slightly stressed this week as I've prepared to wrap up things at work and home so I can go on vacation.  The to-do lists have been long and the days even longer.

In between watering the yard and doing the dishes tonight, I remembered that I had a load of clothes to dry.  I set the dryer for the max time, 50 minutes, and went about my work.  A few hours later I realized I hadn't heard the buzzer, but I know that my dryer won't completely dry a load in one cycle (because of previously stated junkiness of dryer), so I turned it back on for another 25 minutes and went back to my work.

When the buzzer went off the second time, I heard it and rushed down to get the clothes out so that ironing wouldn't be added to my list of things to get done.  I flung the dryer door open was empty.

I looked and found the wet load still in the washing machine.  As poorly as my dryer performs, it works even worse when you forget to put the clothes in. 

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Kelly H-Y said...

Too funny, Cari! Hope you are able to get everything done at work and home ... and then enjoy a relaxing vacation! :-)


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