Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Incredible India

When you make a life changing trip across the globe, it's hard to come home and write a few trite words that sum up your experience.  My first order of business is to profoundly thank those who prayed for me and the rest of our team.  There's nothing in the world like the power of prayer...especially when you're half way around the world.  Secondly, a huge thank you to those who supported me financially.  Your gifts, made this trip possible and gave you an active part in the ministries we participated in.  Lastly, I make the promise of stories, posts, and pictures to come...just as soon as I can sort through them!  (remember the days when you could use the excuse "My pictures are still being developed"?) 

In the mean time, I challenge you to ponder the softness of your bed and pillow tonight, the purity of every drop of water you drink, the dry roof over your head, and the freedom you have each and every day to proclaim your love for Jesus Christ.  There are many, many who are not so privileged...

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