Sunday, February 26, 2012

Get Out Of The Groove

I'm pretty sure there's a problem with my brain.  The only consoling thing about it (according to some weekly news program The Pastor saw one night after I was in bed), is that it's a common problem and I'm not alone.  According to the study on the news, when certain thinking and behavioral patterns repeatedly occur, they get entrenched in the brain.  There's actually a "groove" or a pathway and once those thought patterns and behaviors get stuck in the groove, they are extremely hard to get out.  In other words, we have to work extra hard to break the patterns.

I've found myself wrestling with some stinkin' thinkin' lately.  I know it's wrong.  I know Satan likes to attempt to deceive me and I try hard to make an effort to redirect those thoughts.  The problem is, it's hard.  They're in danger of becoming entrenched.  If I let them go on too long, my brain will make them a nice little groove to live in.

I'm not willing to let that happen.  I have a desperate need to renew my mind daily. I need to let the truth of scripture and God's love for me sink in deep.  Though it will take a  conscious effort, for my growth and sanity, I'm getting out of the groove!

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