Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Pushing The Envelope

Yesterday as I drove to work I could feel a thin film of ice covering the roadway.  Each time I rounded a corner, I goosed it a little, letting my back tires slide around the corner in a slight fishtail.  I've been driving in the snow for a long time and The Pastor always keeps my car fitted with fantastic studded tires.  Armed with this knowledge and the comfort of how far I can push the envelope, it doesn't bother me to slide around a bit. I know my limits and my own comfort level.

The same is true in my kayak.  I know just how far I can wobble without tipping it over.  I know when to stop leaning and when to straighten up--quickly.  I've done it a million times.  I'm aware of the edge and have the sense to stop when I should.

Stop when I should... how I wish I could do the same with my everyday life!  Instead, I push the envelope too far.  I take on too many things--responsibilities and worries that aren't mine and that I have no business owning. Trying to achieve things that God has not called me to, and attempting perfection where I should consider myself lucky to even attain competency.  

One time I got overly confident on the ice.  It led me to have to apologize to the driver I rear-ended.  Another time, my friend and I made an agreement to purposefully tip our kayaks over (in shallow water) to see how far we really could push it.  I chickened out and she tipped hers alone.  I laughed--and then had to apologize.

Pushing the envelope in life leads me to the same place with God.  It drives me to apology and repentance. It makes me realize my dependency on God and that I am certainly not the one in control.  Maybe one day I'll be smart enough to recognize I'm doing it and stop before it's too late.

Join me in asking God exactly what he wants from each of us and purposing to do it without sliding too far or tipping over.

No apology needed!

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Kelly H-Y said...

Wonderful post, Cari ... chuckled at the perfect examples!


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