Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whiteboards and Clean Slates

Lately I've been moving offices a lot at work.  I'm starting to get used to it and have stopped flinching each time someone comes in and says, "Pack up!"  Although, I have to admit, I'm reluctant to hang my pictures too quickly.

I'm a visual thinker and learner, and therefore I rely heavily on my whiteboard.  Because all offices have a whiteboard, it's too much trouble to move them around, so each time I'm required to relocate, I have to take a picture of my board to take my precious ideas and scribbles with me.  (Lord knows, they're not worth anything to anyone else.)

Whiteboards represent a lot of effort. Sometimes good and productive, and sometimes just brainstorming and junk. The nice thing is that whether your thoughts are good or bad, you always have the opportunity to easily wipe the slate clean. When I unpacked in my new space, I noticed my new whiteboard was full.  I grabbed the board cleaner and eraser, and prepared to make short work of the ideas left behind.  I felt a little bad about wiping away the representation of so much effort, but as I did, I had this strange feeling of thankfulness.

The couple days previous to my office move had not been great.  Some of it was my fault and some of it was not.  My attitude was a tad stinky, but at the same time, I felt justified because life was coming at me faster than I could handle.  While I set to work erasing and cleaning that board--and preparing to fill it with new and fresh ideas, it felt good to wipe the slate clean, and not only that to ponder the whiteboard of my life.

At the moment, it was filled with not-so-productive thoughts and feelings, but I'm thankful that each and every day, God grabs the whiteboard cleaner and gives us a good scrubbing.  His mercies are new every morning.  It doesn't matter how many terrible ideas I've had (and carried out), I'm always given the chance for a clean start. My mess ups, failures, plans I thought were good but ended up not so much...he wipes them clean and allows me to start fresh. No condemnation. Just a clean slate.

Every day, no matter what the previous one was like, we have a new opportunity.  We have the chance to change our hearts, minds, and attitudes and do something for God. So grab your markers and lets get to work!

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