Friday, December 28, 2012

Why Not Now?

You know you do it. I do....every year. My Christmas dinner hasn't even finished being digested and the vows to start a New Year's diet begin. I've just finished pulling the paper off my last gifts and the promises to have more self discipline as soon as the new year rolls around commence. I will read my Bible and exercise more, yell at my son and worry less. My mind naturally goes there. Whatever failures I've had in the current year will certainly be remedied in the one to come.

I'm fully aware of how silly this is, thinking that the turn of the calendar to January 1st will somehow endow me with superpowers to carry out things I couldn't in the previous 11 months. But, I still fall prey to the thoughts each year. I prepare myself for that magic day when the day will turn and all will be set right in my world.

Of course, it doesn't happen. It never will. I'm not suggesting that giving up is the answer, but rather, I think I'll take some pressure off of January 1 this year. Who says I need a magic day to begin to make the necessary changes in my life? Why not start today? Right now. Why can't I be more patient today? Why don't I eat a little more salad and less sugar today? instead of trying to achieve perfection once the new year arrives, why don't I make some small changes today?

How about it? Will you join me in the quest to take some pressure off of January 1st? Let's think about the things we want to accomplish in 2013 and ask ourselves...why not now?

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Totally agree! I never make resolutions, but try to work on things each day of each year ... improvement is definitely an on-going process! ;-)


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