Friday, January 01, 2016

Is New Year's Day Your Friend or Foe?

I didn't intend to blog today.  I didn't wake up with the idea of a "Fresh, New Year" and a commitment to write more, to be a better person, or to lose weight.  (Well, maybe a tiny bit of weight...) I wasn't working out all my New Year's goals, and even though it's definitely in my nature, I wasn't obsessing over everything I want to change in the new year.   I was just having a cup of coffee...oh, and a little chat with God.

It's always interesting to me how God consistently and gently reminds me that we're going to do things His way, not mine.  So, here I am.  Writing.

I've written plenty of posts in the past about my struggles with New Year's.  By nature, I love goals.  I love planning.  I love lists and motivational material and all the things that make New Year's the perfect time for a new beginning.   But over the years I've found that New Year's is not always my friend.

I easily turn those things I love into things that ensnare.  I turn opportunities into pressure.  I let the weight of what could or should be, crush the blessing and the beauty of what is.   So I must consider whether or not these things are really friend or foe.   Do they help me or hinder me?  How do I take the good with the bad and have the wisdom to demonstrate balance?

That's what God and I were chatting about.  And, in His consistent and gentle way, he reminded me of the answer.

"His mercies are new every morning."

Every morning.  Not just New Year's Day.  Not just Monday mornings after weekend failures.  Every morning.  So New Year's Day can be my friend.  We can hang out together, un-decorate the Christmas Tree, write a blog post, drink coffee, and maybe even make some good plans for the days ahead.  I don't get it all perfect.  I can dream and plan and God can cover me with His mercy.

May God's mercies be yours today and every day in 2016.

Happy New Year!


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